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We Can Repair Just About ANYTHING !!!

This process is preformed on OTR (Off The Road) Tire's.  If you ran a stump through a tractor tire we can fix it. If your loader runs over scrap metal, yes we can fix it. If you put a hole in the sidewall we can fix it. Even if the bead of the tire gets chipped, We can fix it. 

2 Diffrent Types Of Tires

Bias and Radial Tires

Can both types of OTR Tires be Repaired ?

Yes the process is different but it is possible to repair each type! We have been doing it since 1959 ! We Follow a similar process but to repair radial tires is a little more expensive because it requires more hand work and more materials.We lead the industry in large tire repair for industrial equipment tire Repair industrial

Difference between Bias & Radial


Bias – A Bias tire means that it is of cross-ply construction. It uses cords that stretch from bead to bead. A bead is a bunch of high tensile steel wire that ties the tire to the rim. The cords are laid in layers at opposing angles of approximately 35 degrees to form a crisscross pattern. The tread is then adheredover that pattern. The primary advantage of a tire with this construction is that it allows for the entire body of the tire to flex. This flexibility allows for a comfortable and smooth ride even on uneven or rough terrain. The downside of bias tires is that they have less traction and control at higher speeds, and tend to carry less weight 

Radial – A radial tire is in some ways the opposite of a bias tire and in other ways it is a combination of Bias and Belted Bias. Radial utilizes cords that extend from the beads and across the tread but they are at right angles to the centerline of the tread. The cords are parallel to one another and stabilizer belts are put into place beneath the tread. All of those things come together to strengthen the tire and provide a longer life for the tire, better control at high speeds and lower rolling resistance as well. The disadvantages are that the ride is much rougher at lower speeds and OTR tires will not see as much of a self-cleaning ability, but will carry much more weight.